Zenzic Secured Lending is a principal real estate lender focused on providing innovative financial solutions to high growth real estate groups and developers. Our highly experienced team have a successful track record of lending across the capital structure and all major asset classes of real estate.

How We Work Explained

With fully dedicated and experienced origination, underwriting and development capability, Zenzic Secured Lending is perfectly positioned to provide requisite capital to property entrepreneurs. Our approach is to oversee each stage of a project life-cycle, from acquisition to exit, in order to ensure optimal performance, acting more as JV partners than passive lenders.
We provide bespoke first & second charge lending solutions for:

  • Bridging
  • Development Mezzanine
  • Development Exit
  • Equity Release
  • Special Situations
About Us

1 Initial Evaluation

High level assessment of project parameters focussing on:

  • Financial appraisal
  • Security
  • Experience / background of borrower
  • Funding terms issued subject to full due diligence process

2 Due Diligence

  • Financial, including modelling and sensitivity analysis
  • Commercial including on asset, project and market
  • Operational including on delivery team
  • Legal including on asset and borrowers
  • KYC & AML checks

3 Completion

  • Legal Documents Executed
  • Funds distribution
  • On-going pro-active progress reporting


Please do not hesitate to get in touch for further information or to discuss a project that may require funding.

You can also find out more by visiting the ZSL Capital website, a dedicated website for our Secured Lending offerings