Growth equity is aimed at established companies that can benefit from additional capital to accelerate growth. Most growth equity scenarios will often have a number (if not all) of the following traits:

  • Founder-owned
  • No prior institutional investment
  • Proven business model (established product and/or technology and existing customers)
  • Substantial organic revenue growth (usually in excess of 10%, and often more than 20%)
  • EBITDA-positive

Growth equity is used for several purposes, including the desire to accelerate growth by investing in new product development, human capital, infrastructure, or new geographic regions; other reasons include making add-on acquisitions or to monetize a portion of management’s ownership.


How We Work Explained

In recent years we have specialised in joint ventures as an alternative to divestiture. We transact and advise on all types of joint venture (JV), alliance and partnership, including consortia and minority stakes, helping our clients find the right partner, structure the right deal, avoid operational pitfalls and manage partner relationships effectively.

About Us

1 Investment Scenarios

  • Fighting fund for multiple asset acquisitions
  • Minority recapitalizations
  • Shareholder distributions/dividends/cash-outs

2 Business objectives

  • Pursuing international expansion
  • New product development
  • Financing short-term gaps in earnings


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