Zenzic has been using its secured lending platform to enable SME housebuilders deliver widely affordable housing since 2015.

Due to a track record of stable returns, diversification and capital preservation, Zenzic Secured Lending (ZSL) has seen increasing demand from borrowers and potential investors.

The introduction of an Innovative Finance ISA aims to allow investors to find attractive, stable returns by investing in a diversified portfolio of high-quality loans secured against UK Property. The new IF-ISA will offer investors an 8.0% annual interest rate (paid as 4.0% bi-annually) over a 36-month investment period.  

About ZSL Capital

ZSL Capital is a specialist UK real-estate secured lender. Extensive experience and a deep understanding of the fundamentals of real-estate markets, structured finance and the entire development process is what sets ZSL apart. Additionally, with a highly diversified loan book the ZSL portfolio is not over exposed to any specific or concentrated risks. All investments are secured against the underlying real estate assets across the portfolio.

Zenzic Secured Lending

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